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adrien-bordrezRhodes – island of the Sun God – has attracted visitors since the times of Homer. It’s medieval city which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site can not be missed. Amongst its many secrets are the Palace of the Grand Masters and the Hospital of the Knights. Outside the city, one shouldn’t miss the famous Acropolis of Lindos, ancient pilgrimage dedicated to the Godess Athena.

Except for its monuments, Rhodes is also appealing for its natural beauty. High montains and sandy or rugged coastline, beaches and forests offer multiple unique sceneries for the visitor who ventures inside the island and off the beaten tracks.
Crossroad between the Orient and the West, Rhodes has been a meeting place of civilisations for a long time. Therefore, a local saying goes that ” some roads lead to Rome; but all roads go through Rhodes”.

Following my training to become a national tourist guide (2.5 years) in 2011, I ended up in Rhodes. Knowing the island since my childhood, I remained there for its many benefits : quality of life, historical heritage, nature, etc.
French having been raised in Greece, I will make you discover Rhodes and all its secrets, its mythology and its tormented history: the famous Colossus, the tale of the Knights Hospitalers, the meeting of the 3 religions, the burdens of modern history, …

Visit Rhodes privately with an official licensed tour guide.

You want to discover the secrets of Rhodes? I offer not only the possibility of visiting the main sites and listen to the tales of famous historical epics; but you will also be able to discover the less known highlights of the town and the island. From the abandoned neoclassical beauties to the sunset from the Acropolis of Rhodes, without forgetting the hidden paths, local gastronomy and nightlife, there are enough things to satisfy all your interests.

Guided tours of Rhodes in English

Private guided tours with an official tour guide offer many benefits. You will be able to ask as many questions as you like, and adapt the program according to your interests. This approach of travel and discovery, personalised and authentic, allows you to really immerse yourself in the local culture, daily life, legends, …

In addition to the private guided visits of Rhodes, discover my interactive maps, advice to visitors and various articles on the country and its culture, …

May Helios be with you !