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7 reasons to choose a professional tourist guide

7 reasons to choose a professional tourist guide

7 reasons to choose a professional tourist guide


You are going very soon towards an unknown or previously explored destination. But how can you be absolutely sure that you have visited the place, have discovered its secrets? Whether you are a solo or a group explorer, sticking to your pocket travel guide or waiting for the good surprise; Why is this choice convenient for all types of travelers? Here are

 7 reasons to choose a professional tourist guide :

  1.  Quality : you will receive complete and accurate information. All the licensed guides come from an official school and possess a license acknowledged by local authorities. Hence they have been trained in various subjects concerning all aspects of local culture, and respect guidelines regarding the quality of guiding and the veracity of the information given.
  2. Authenticity : what better than a local to give you the best adresses ! A local tourist guide lives or regularly visits the place where he/she works and can be an entry point to discover local culture and population. He/she will easily indicate the best places to visit, where to eat, go out, etc.
  3. Adaptability : being a tourist guide is first and foremost having multiple interests, and being able to offer a program catered to the specificities of each person (physical condition, time available, interests,…). If you are passionate about architecture or mythology, the visit can be oriented around these axes. It is also possible to have guided tours ‘off the beaten tracks’ (hikes, abandoned areas, specific subjects, away from the crowd, …)
  4. Accessibility : understand and be understood. Official tourist guides have certificates and diplomas for the languages in which they guide, which eliminates the risks of being misunderstood. They are also used to communicate while adapting to various kind of visitors (some even have European Level training to guide visitors with physical or intellectual impairments).
  5. Security : in case of emergency, a guide can speak to the local authorities if needed, knows what to do and which rules to follow. When you hier a professional, no fear of being scammed. All the places he/she takes you to or he/she recommends have been previously validated beforehand. Should negative comments arise, the guide will advise each problematic service provider or site, and will eventually stop recommending them. Your local guide will also feed back remarks and comments to contribute to better services.
  6. Sharing : a guided tour is a discussion. Not only will you learn one or two things during your visit, but don’t be shy to also ask questions to the guide. He/she can also learn something from you, and tell you more about how locals live, put into perspective with your country of origin or other places you may have visited, etc.
  7. Social responsibility : being a tourist guide is a real profession. Choosing to hire a professional tourist guide is encouraging the locals to get trained and be able to work in the place where they live, while supporting the local economy.

In the end, guiding is passing on culture.

And a good guide is the one who will easily make you understand the key features of its destination. Convinced?

One thought on “7 reasons to choose a professional tourist guide

  1. Ophélie Grégoire

    Nous avons fait appel à Adrien pour visiter Lindos lors de notre séjour à Rhodes en juin 2022. Mon mari n’était pas convaincu de faire appel à un guide car cela constitue un budget. Nous sommes ressortis de la visite plus que ravis! Nous appris énormément de choses sur Lindos, sur l’île de Rhodes et sur bien d’autres choses encore. Adrien est un excellent guide et un puit d’informations.
    Nous le recommandons fortement!

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