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The God Helios and his Colossus

The God Helios and his Colossus 


          Everybody has heard about the 7 Wonders of the ancient World, but nowadays it’s not so easy to name them all.  At the time, each and every one of them, once admired, stayed forever engraved in the traveler’s mind. The Colossus, despite its fall, is still part of Rhodes’ history, precisely where it meets the legend. 

At the very beginning, like elsewhere in Greece, it’s mythology : the gigantic statue was dedicated to the god Helios (the sun), protector and owner of the island of Rhodes since the mythical sharing of the lands.

Since medieval times, misinformation is such that answering all the questions is a real struggle. Why was such a huge statue made and what did it really look like? What was its real location and why is there nothing left nowadays? The story of the Colossus became through centuries an enigma that enthralled generations of researchers and explorers. It did so to such an extent that imagination took over from reality.

Once all the clues assembled and analysed and with historical context, while strolling through the supposed locations of the Colossus, we will endeavour to find the answers using common sense.

Like all the great stories, the Colossus has its own meaning, made of extraordinary events, courage, creativity and collective struggles. Anyone can find a different secret, a meaning, as many things are hidden in the legend.

Today still, the memory has survived, immortal fame of mens’ fates. In a way there lies the motivation of the time : surpass mortal condition by leaving behind a trace that would survive after having returned to dust.

Practical Information

Lenght: 2h00

Itinerary: The walk includes a part of the modern town as well as the medieval town.


Le Colosse