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Interactive maps of Greece

Why use the maps of

You are ready to come to Greece, you have chosen an accomodation and you have dates, what is next? You can read through many paper or digital guidebooks…

Here the alternative I offer is to follow the advices of professional guides, on the field everyday, who have nothing to gain exept the trust of visitors they give advices to. No commercial deals, no commissions, all you will find on the Interactive Maps are our favourites spots where we go ourselves, where we advise our friends to go.

The Project of Maps of Greece

To allow you to enjoy the best, and immediatly get going in Rhodes  or one of the destinations available, don’t hesitate to have a look at an interective map. It contains the best restaurants, tavernas, local products shops, nice beaches, monuments,… all the basics I would have told friends visiting.

It all started after I’ve spent 15 years discovering Greece. That country never ceased to amaze me, with its many hidden treasures. Wether it is its natural beauty, gastronomy, or its many monuments, Greece is an exceptional country. Despite its limited size, one can never discover all of its secrets.

Having always worked in tourism, I took the habit of giving advices to my friends. But writing emails and explaining where, what and how to everyone became complicated. That is why when a friend told me I could make my own Google maps, I immediatly tried! But like in many big project, you need a team : the other guides or friends in each destination whom I complitely trust contribute, check and complete the maps in order to offer the best for travellers. Anybody has access to the map and can contribute, and it’s free for all – as good advices should always be. And in the title of each map is the email of the guide who contributed, so you can contact him/her if needed.

It is an evolutionary project. More islands and cities will be added, more countries too! Some secrets of course are not revealed… there must remain a part for discovery. All the little paradise can not be shared online, or they would loose their charm!

How to use a map

It is very easy. As it is a Google map : click on the full screen mode and you have a map with everything; GPS, phones, ratings, pictures and my little comment.

Have a nice trip!

PS: of course your returns are appreciated as they contribute to make things better!